Scope Electric

Scope Electric is a Bulgarian-German company, established in 1999 with the purpose to manufacture modern and reliable devices for milk analysis, which would replace the slow and expensive analytical methods for measuring the most important parameters of milk and dairy products. In 2005, after a long and hard work of our teams, we created the “Julie” series. Later, the Julie design was copied from other companies, but this makes us proud, because if they copy you, this means you are really good. The outfit can be copied, but quality and reliability – not. Our clients have already realized that. The big success of the MilkoScope milk analyzers is due to the fact that we don’t put cheap parts in them, but we make researches and use the products of the best companies in the world. In 2007, Scope Electric replaced the obsolete ultrasound method with a new type of signal, which passes through the measuring sensor – this is Scope Electric’s trademark. Thus the “Automatic” series were created. The accuracy with which the devices from these series work is unachieved by others so far. There are thousands of people, from more than 70 countries worldwide, who are happy to use the MilkoScopes.

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