AGD Biomedicals

One of the largest diagnostic equipment and reagents manufacturer in India, we have dedicated resources for research & development, manufacture, sales and service of a wide range of diagnostic instruments and reagents. For our users to have the finest products and technical support, we ensure continued improvement of our systems and services. Products: FULLY AUTOMATIC BLOOD CELL COUNTER:

  • 18 Parameters with 3-part Differential
  • 1000 Samples Storage with Histogram
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • Built-in Self-monitoring System


  • On board reagent Refrigeration
  • Automatic On board washing
  • Calibration with three Linear and six Non Linear curves
  • Tri-level Quality Control with Levy Jennings plot
  • On line real time reaction curve for each test

Hemoglobin Reagents:

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Can be used with Colorimeters, Hemoglobin Meters and Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Electrolyte Analyzer:

  • Low Sample Volume
  • Fast Sample Processing

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Other Products: